hi~ everybody……

we’ve got just 3 days to study together….  it was very luck for me to meet you guys…

can any body remember when we met first in the class???

it might be that every body have expectation about new class, teacher and friends…… i was also like that…..

however it was just moment… we were very talkative, outgoing and a bit noisy… ha ha…. but it was goooooood for us and teacher… wasn’t it ??? vernon??  sorry… it’s just my opinion…

some classmates can be sameclass again, but others we can’tbe that….

although we can be classmate again, Don’t forget me…. I’m Albert…!!!!!

and i hope when you guys go back your country, everybody can speak english fruently..

anyway  Thank you very much ….. teacher and my classmates….

Let’s keep in touch often…..


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