My beautiful 10 weeks of Intermediate class

Hi…..Hamoud talking……please keep reading…..don’t stop.
During 10 weeks, I have been studding a General English Intermediate class at Hawthorn English Language Centre. My teachers Teresa & Vernon. Teresa was teaching me on Monday and Tuesday also Vernon at the rest of week.
lovely teacher

lovely Vernon teacher

Teresa "beauty"

Teresa "beauty"

We  have had good times with our teachers they were great in teaching.
Teresa always talk about her daughters and about their adventures.
Vernon was jokes maker and everybody interested to attend in class.
Our class excursion:
we had two excursions firstly with Teresa in Hanging Rock everybody enjoyed there and
we had a barbecue.
The second excursion was with Vernon, fantastic  and terrible weather, was fun and relaxing.
We went to The Big Bouquet to see a farm for gerbera flowers and alpacas before we go there i had
this function:
Alpacas = Bird
Alpacas = animal
when we came back to Hawthorn everybody was happy but we had a good commander>>>>
Dreaming in his ex-girlfriend

Dreaming in his ex-girlfriend


 his dream says Angelina Jolie                    has come. has run. has come.                    has run…..etc. 







This is me but who is this man?

This is me but who is this man...Aha I remmeber this man has sweet teeth and I've sweet...

 I spent beautiful time with my classmates I like everyone begin with:                                            Ann she has gone since first 5 weeks. Fahooody,  Majed, Clarissa, Felepie, Viviana, Yana, Tooony, Albert, Aysegul, KIM, Minsoo, Jaue, Holim, Angila we will miss you,   Carlos we missed you





“The end of course’s Party”




One Response to “My beautiful 10 weeks of Intermediate class”

  1. Vernon Fowler Says:

    Hamoudy Sweet Finger!

    I’ve posted a couple of songs with lyrics here on our class blog. Check out You’re Beautiful by James Blunt (this uses a YouTube video so you might not be able to play this from the school’s network) and the Rihanna song Don’t stop the music (using DailyMotion video so I don’t know if this will play at school or if it has been blocked).

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