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My Intermediate Class 8b

17 July, 2008

 I am going to talk about my Class 8B in intermediate. During the whole 10 weeks I have had a fantastic class friends and also teachers. Vernon tought us a lot of grammar,writing, listening and speaking and i enjoyed with his way of teaching but i was thinking some times why he joking all the times but after these 10 weeks i’ii miss him so much. Teresa taught us also same as Vernon tought us but she focus in grammar and vocabulary and she is more serious than Vernon, that about our teather in 8B class. However, our friends are very gooood speicially Haomoodi, Felipe, Albert, Clarisia, Holim, Angela, Aisha, Yana, Toooony, Jaegyll, Majoody, Carlos, Ann, Kim and Mensoo. i’ii miss some of u my friends but i thing you will remamper these days some time and i wish we be connecting togather by massenger. Finally, i hope to every one can make his dream as soon as possible……. byeeeee…..